Tara was founded by R.Narayanan Raja, V.Muthukrishnan, Paras K Soni, K.RaviKumar, S.Raja & P.Senthilkumar.

We are well experienced in diamond jewellery industry for almost 30 plus year in India and abroad. We are experts in a different field like design,manufacturing,diamond polishing and client service etc.

Quality is our business! We use hand picked diamonds which ranges from IF to VVS quality. Our customers are happy with our service and we will strive to offer the best for our customers.

Our success is our customers. We maintain a healthy relationship with customers and they are really happy with our service.


R.Narayanan Raja

Narayan is basically from Rajapalayam. He is a down-to-earth pleasing personality like others in Tara. He did his graduation and was working in jewel industry for more than 25 years.

-"We offer the best, we take care of our customers in each phase and most importantly our jewels are certified by third party."


He is an all-rounder an expert who knows the entire cycle from selection of raw to client servicing. He believes customer satisfaction is the secret of their buisness success.

-"we get to learn new things from every single customer when they discuss their needs. They are very friendly to us. Learning is a never-ending process. We made a Tara tree and it will grow."

Paras K Soni

Paras is basically a north Indian, born and brought up in Covai. He worked in India for around 9 years and flew to Dubai and worked there for 3 years. He studied the market there and was working in a leading jewellery brand. When he joined there they had 9 branches and after 6 years, it multiplied into 179 branches! He did his B.com and furthers IGI course in Antwerp Belgium followed by GIA Course in India. In Tara, Paras takes care of Marketing Designing and Manufacturing.


He did his MBA from Annamalai University. He handles merchandising,vendor development and administration in Tara.

-"We all are in this field for more than 25 years.We concentrate on maintaining quality. Customers are our spokes persons since we show the entire process of manufacturing to them and offer the best price compared to others."


He is basically a mechanical engineer. He later did his MSC in Computer Science and MBA.he also finished a SAP course as well. Since he is more into computers and stuff, he is called as 'Computer Raja' by his friends. He manages accounts, process System and branding in Tara. He has got 34 years of experience in the jewel industry altogether. He believes applying technology will ease customised services.


Senthilkumar did his Bsc Maths and has got over 18 years of experience in the jewel industry.

-"We are thankful to all of our customers. Tara is succeeding because we have in-house manufacturing in our own factory with customized unique design for each and every customer."